The picturesque landscape of Flinders draws its character from its rich and colourful Australian history. Prior to the first permanent European settlement of the area in the 1840's, the indigenous population occupied the land, hunting and fishing.

Throughout the 1840's, squatters ran sheep and cattle in the immediate area and then in 1850, Undullah Run was established as a rural land holding by one of the region's early pioneers, John Cameron. A succession of different owners and property boundary break-ups continued through the 1870's and 1880's when pastoralists and the Government took up sections of the run and built roads to Undullah.

From the turn of the 20th Century, Undullah was owned by an Englishman named Wilbraham, but when he passed away in 1945, the property was sold to the Heck family. In the 1970's Undullah Station as it became known was bought by Arthur Earle who himself passed away in 1998. The station was then purchased by Pacific International Development Corporation (part of Pacific International Group) which has now spent several years developing the vision that will become the town of Flinders.