Flinders will be the ideal place to live for family groups of all sizes and lifestyles. In order to create thriving neighbourhoods, villages and hamlets, a diversity of home types will be built here at Flinders from walk-up apartments, terraces, studio units and townhomes... to compact courtyard homes, cottages, houses and large estate homes.


Typically the smaller homes are located fronting or adjacent to the neighbourhood and local parks; with the larger estate style homes to the north designed to blend into the natural environment. Within the Town Centre and Neighbourhood Activity Centres, terraces and apartments will provide urban style living within walking distance of the commercial areas and public transport.

With every residential neighbourhood and village at Flinders featuring a neighbourhood or local park at its centre, all residents will enjoy easy access to open green space, just metres from home. These villages will be connected by a thoughtfully designed local network of streets, cycleways and walkways.