Development Approvals have been achieved for 997 hectares of land on the eastern side of Flinders, which will deliver:
  • 7,600 residences which will be home to 20,000 people
  • One mixed use town centre core, a neighbourhood centre, and 3 local convenience centres
  • 4 schools for approximately 2,000 children
  • 3 local community hubs
  • Centre for Health and Wellbeing enterprise area
  • Medical super clinic and acute health and medical services
  • Business enterprise area and homemaker centre
  • Entertainment complex and cinema
  • University and TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) facilities
  • Civic Centre including library, performing arts and community services hub
  • Approx 70 hectares of active sporting fields
  • Aquatic centre and indoor sports centre
  • Cultural heritage and community agriculture park
  • Emergency services hub
  • Over 400 hectares of parkland and natural preserve areas


The masterplan for Flinders has been developed utilising the principles of Timeless Neighbourhood Design (TND) which creates mixed-use, pedestrian friendly communities of diverse population and has been proven to be a sustainable form of urban growth.


The first two residential releases offered for sale will be Neighbourhoods 1 South and 1 North, located within easy access of the main Flinders entry on Dairy Road. Like most neighbourhoods in the Flinders masterplan, they are limited in size to just a few hundred lots so that the majority of residents are within 10 minutes (800 metres) walk of the Neighbourhood Activity Centre. They are bounded by corridors of passive green space and creekways, and boast an active neighbourhood park at their centre.