The heart of Flinders Precinct One will be its Town Centre and enterprise area - an eclectic mix of retail, commercial, community, education, entertainment and residential areas. A main street CBD, styled on traditional walkable Queensland towns will be its core, with civic buildings from 2 to 6 storeys creating an attractive downtown setting. Homes within the Town Centre will in the main be apartments, townhomes and 'over shop' units. It is envisaged that a University, library and community hub will be developed close to the Town Park, while the enterprise area adjacent to the town centre will see a balance of institutions, commerce and industry within easy reach of public transport.


Supporting the Town Centre will be a neighbourhood centre, centrally located to the residential areas. This will be designed around schools and playing fields, and feature local convenience stores, small commercial operations and local home businesses. Also within Precinct One are two planned corner stores located at the junction of residential neighbourhoods to provide daily convenience shopping.